You & I

You were the one who told me not to stress on us & let it be,

So i started looking at life with the hope of a brighter possibility.

I still remember the day we got in touch with each other,
Which was initiated by one of my blackberry brothers.

My best moment of owning a blackberry (geeky reference) was when we exchanged pings.

It was almost magical to see a smile draw up my face when I read your replies to my pings,

moments like these were the happiest & also the time when I’d hear the sweet sound of your voice.

Since then, I’ve had so many memories that just kept building up in my head,
Memories of all the moments we had, memories of you & me.

You & I, are still one of the cherished things I have,
I’m so glad you did not allow me to label it.

It’s things like these that make me look up to you,
& some how it feels like, my life’s got better since you’re a part of it.

The thing we have is hard to label & I love that.

It’s like the dog I had while I was growing up,
Whenever I was harsh & reprimanded him, he’d go away & be sad.

But the moment I’d call him, he was there filled with joy, love and happiness.

I could tell you that, you’re the brightest star in my sky, but I won’t.

I’ll just honestly say that, you & I are like the only 2 snowflakes who always get along beautifully.

A Cup of coffee


The first cup with you, has the feeling of anxiety & anxiousness,

Which is a little strong on the tongue but light on the heart.

I have this feeling of not knowing what’s across the table,

but still peaking over the fence, trying to get a glimpse of what lies beyond those beautiful eyes.

These moments demand the right choice of words to spark that conversation,

But with someone like you across the table, all the words are the right ones.

My eyes brighten & my heart softens as you speak about yourself,

I sit there listening to you as I mentally tick these check-boxes in my head.

Within a few minutes she seems to be this girl whom I have always pictured,

who’s always on the move & moving on to new things.

Now I end up playing this guess game in my mind, trying to know what she thinks of me?

My quest to know & discover her, grows with every passing day.

As i try to initiate things, I’m summoned to let her be and give her some space,

So I stepped back, letting time work its charm,

hoping that someday that charm will work itself to me.

To this moment I wait for it,

I wait for her to ping me or call or to hear the sweet melody of her voice.

Oh! how I wait for that moment.

Intangible City

paradise city



This city has moved from the books to the globe,
a place which is so real & alive that it grows on you.

A city with no pain or sorrow,
the citizens of which are like freely moving clouds in the sky.

A place where the sun is brighter,
and the breeze is windy.

Where the grass is greener,
and the view is better.

A place where people live in love & joy,
Where borders, nationality, religion, race & caste are names of toys.

Some place where the people are grateful,
and everyone in that place are extremely hopeful.

A place where the cycle of nature is not observed but also respected,
Some place that relaxes you & makes your soul happy.

Some call it utopia, yet others call it one of the places on the globe,
The fact of the matter is that this place exists inside all of us.

A broken hearted dream

A dream with a broken heart
only ends up by waking up.

It’s like rolling down your bed and down on your knees
& the next moment you can hardly breathe.

Dreams are as broken as your heart feels,
& time is just the remedy as it heals.

Sometimes it lasts a night and sometimes a weekend
if feels like saying goodbye to a friend who never leaves.

To fix such a dream is to fix the heart
after a point you feel like you’re throwing punches under water