You & I

You were the one who told me not to stress on us & let it be,

So i started looking at life with the hope of a brighter possibility.

I still remember the day we got in touch with each other,
Which was initiated by one of my blackberry brothers.

My best moment of owning a blackberry (geeky reference) was when we exchanged pings.

It was almost magical to see a smile draw up my face when I read your replies to my pings,

moments like these were the happiest & also the time when I’d hear the sweet sound of your voice.

Since then, I’ve had so many memories that just kept building up in my head,
Memories of all the moments we had, memories of you & me.

You & I, are still one of the cherished things I have,
I’m so glad you did not allow me to label it.

It’s things like these that make me look up to you,
& some how it feels like, my life’s got better since you’re a part of it.

The thing we have is hard to label & I love that.

It’s like the dog I had while I was growing up,
Whenever I was harsh & reprimanded him, he’d go away & be sad.

But the moment I’d call him, he was there filled with joy, love and happiness.

I could tell you that, you’re the brightest star in my sky, but I won’t.

I’ll just honestly say that, you & I are like the only 2 snowflakes who always get along beautifully.


Mind View

Mind View

Once in a long time you take a look into your mind,
What I’m greeted by is this virus infected dungeon which refused to shutdown

So I take a walk in my mind with intensions to explore this dungeon with a torch in my hand,
Every step taken fearfully leads me to these songs played by a band of skulls & bleeding veins

There are ample of dark creepy alleys I came across,
some were lonely and some were occupied with thugs and goons.

The chuckle of a baby reaches my ears and I immediately hurry in that direction,
only to see the sight of a baby being choked to death and sent to peaceful eternity.

The pull of gravity thickens as I’m drawn to the darker areas,
is this the evil inside me or is this evil ME?

At the other end of the horizon I see a man running towards me,
Oh, how happy my eyes were to see that sight.

Little did I know what was to follow…..

He approached me begging me to kill him & relieve him from his misery
I lift my gun to put him to rest

The amount of pain seen in his eyes seemed like the reflection of my inner state.
As I man up to pull the trigger, he speaks effort

Even with that excruciating pain,
he pleaded me to stab him with a knife and turn it all around till I relief him from his life.

Terrified with fear I move quickly but slowly,
moving forward one trembling knee at a time.

A loud cry originates in the opposite direction,
so my feet swiftly move towards the sound with intensions to escape.

A white light invites me to what seemed like the end
rushing through time I push towards the light

When I get there the light disappears & I find myself descending in a pit filled with more snakes that I can count.

A friend

Everyone needs a friend

Everyone needs a friend

A friend is someone who others appreciate
someone who can be proven lucky to the other

Someone who can be the shining light that your friend would need
and who would be present at the time of need

When someone close is shot down by an uncertain incident
be a friend who will gather the feathers, put it together and make sure your friend flies again

A friend is he who makes his journey with his peers a memorable one
Someone who follows the joy of others and makes it his.

A friend is like a silent song who doesn’t belong to anyone
but instead opens all the curtains in your mind

Make someone lucky to have a friend like you
and be pleasant across all seasons

And just like every season has its own charm, so does a friend
Be a friend who can undress someone from his/her sweater of worry

Paper Bird

paper-bird image



Like a bird I’m blown away by the wind,
Through the twists and turns of the way to the future.

I’m filled with dreams and covered with dust at the same time,
waiting to be washed by the rains as I travel.

My eyes have dried out waiting to see you,
you are the one who created me to be treasured in a chest and not to be blown or trampled upon.

All the miles I travel around the world are worthless if I don’t find you
I still remember the day you tore a page off your book to create me

You made me stealthy and edgy to cut through the wind and fly,
I will not stop flying until it’s you that I see with my eyes.

I’ll find a place where the grass is green and the sky is blue,
and this will definitely be true because I’ll be with you.


I’m half here, half there.


For a while I have been searching a place,
where I’m sure to find you and see your face.

My search has got me half way round the world,
like a travel bug at night in my bed I’m curled.

As another Friday night passes a day on the calendar I strike,
telling myself that I’m almost half way there.

The miles roll on as the white stripes of the road go by,
by living the yesterdays of your memories I get high.

I see this as her delay rather than her absence,
as I sit in my window seat I feel closer to her presence.

The nights and days seem alike with a mixture of darkness and light,
as I spend this time in recreation and write.

Worn down by the travel no matter how much hope I loose,
your face and memories in my heart always gives me new hope.