You & I

You were the one who told me not to stress on us & let it be,

So i started looking at life with the hope of a brighter possibility.

I still remember the day we got in touch with each other,
Which was initiated by one of my blackberry brothers.

My best moment of owning a blackberry (geeky reference) was when we exchanged pings.

It was almost magical to see a smile draw up my face when I read your replies to my pings,

moments like these were the happiest & also the time when I’d hear the sweet sound of your voice.

Since then, I’ve had so many memories that just kept building up in my head,
Memories of all the moments we had, memories of you & me.

You & I, are still one of the cherished things I have,
I’m so glad you did not allow me to label it.

It’s things like these that make me look up to you,
& some how it feels like, my life’s got better since you’re a part of it.

The thing we have is hard to label & I love that.

It’s like the dog I had while I was growing up,
Whenever I was harsh & reprimanded him, he’d go away & be sad.

But the moment I’d call him, he was there filled with joy, love and happiness.

I could tell you that, you’re the brightest star in my sky, but I won’t.

I’ll just honestly say that, you & I are like the only 2 snowflakes who always get along beautifully.

Pointlessly sensible

Pointlessly sensible

A ‘silent road’ is not the one that is less taken;
it’s the one which is lit with darkness.

At the end of the road I found the flowers she sent,
which were filled with the tears that rolled down from her eyes,

I wish I knew the protocol one should take on receiving such flowers,
Call it ‘low’ or ‘heartless’ but there are some things I don’t understand.

Maybe I hit my head on the radio repeatedly in the 90’s,
in a time when spoken words mean everything to a time when we crack the smileys in a chat/sms.

On the road the lampposts shed light when I see them from a distance & turn off when I approach them,
this just proves a challenge for me to get through this dark road all alone.

My learning and good people I meet, transform into the needed light for my journey.

If this was a story I wrote, it’d have a dark ending as they are easier to live with,
Bright and happy endings just raise the bar for that happy place in your heart.

My ride is powered by knowledge as my fuel
and the friends/people I meet forming a part of the engine.

This one goes as a shout out to all those close to me and whom I love dearly,
You all are nothing less than a blessing to me for just being there when needed.

Your Reflection

your reflection

You’re the sweetest person I’d ever meet,
You’re someone I’d long to greet.

I’d replicate  you one day & make many more,
You’re an integral part of my core.

You’re the closest to heaven that I’ll ever be,
& you’re always the reason for my glee.

You form poems barely with your words spoken,
To me those poems are always pieces of small love token.

I wish you had the slightest clue,
that being different & angry is not what you always do.

You calm me down when I’m hyper,
just to show me how to make things simpler.