A Cup of coffee




The first cup with you, has the feeling of anxiety & anxiousness,

Which is a little strong on the tongue but light on the heart.

I have this feeling of not knowing what’s across the table,

but still peaking over the fence, trying to get a glimpse of what lies beyond those beautiful eyes.

These moments demand the right choice of words to spark that conversation,

But with someone like you across the table, all the words are the right ones.

My eyes brighten & my heart softens as you speak about yourself,

I sit there listening to you as I mentally tick these check-boxes in my head.

Within a few minutes she seems to be this girl whom I have always pictured,

who’s always on the move & moving on to new things.

Now I end up playing this guess game in my mind, trying to know what she thinks of me?

My quest to know & discover her, grows with every passing day.

As i try to initiate things, I’m summoned to let her be and give her some space,

So I stepped back, letting time work its charm,

hoping that someday that charm will work itself to me.

To this moment I wait for it,

I wait for her to ping me or call or to hear the sweet melody of her voice.

Oh! how I wait for that moment.


Her story

her story


I’ll try to do complete justice to this one,
as I try to put my simple words across beautifully for someone.

Some stories are such which are not read or written but experienced,
I have been so close to this one that I wish this was my story.

She walks in with the title of a ‘wonderful human being’
with nothing but a smile which is thrown in all directions.

What she seeks is clarity & simplicity,
yet goes through the day with such humility.

Like the sun is not missed in the morning,
her greetings are also not missed with every encounter.

She understands the words spoken & non –spoken,
with absolute ease is how she mends your heart when it is broken.

The feeling that plants have when rains strike,
is the same that you will have with her if the right chords are what you strike.

Like a mirror she is reflective,
you get what you show.

She can fool you with her naughty eyes & flirty smile,
but beware as the keeper of her heart is always around.

A person like her is hard come by,
and very few have the unique privilege of knowing her closely.



Dear Andrea why are things with us like this,
give a moment or two to think about our time of bliss.

Better than myself is how much you knew me,
I always wish for things to go back in time and just be.

Every time I laid my eyes on you,
your beauty is what my eyes were drawn to.

Andrea now that things are not as they were,
my heart breaks a little when your name is what I hear.

I was too young to realize,
and now when I hear our song on the radio I know what it meant.

I should have given you all my hours when I had the time,
now as I run to catch the clock, saving an hour for myself feels like a crime.

When I had a chance I should’ve gone for every movie you wanted to watch,
now it’s difficult for me to find someone to watch a flick that I want to catch.

When I think of us, there were many things I should have done,
now as I think about that, if they were done it would have been so much fun.

My eyes tear up when I think of every time you asked me ‘How do I look?’
And I’d tell you ‘You look beautiful and wonderful as always’.

As a number of years go by I still remember telling you,
‘I’d love you today, tomorrow and forever’ and in time that love only grew.

Now as the day of our time together has come to an end,
it’s nice to know that you’d still stay and truly be my best friend.