The tale of Tim’s tail

 The tale of Tim’s tail

Tim views his life through the hole of a straw,

& it seems hazy, weirdly colour coded & mostly raw.

Most of the time, he is lost among the smoke rings of his mind,
but, it’s not due to his repentance of the dreams and people he left behind.

At times, in order to be socially accepted, his mind tries to get a grip of reality.

Tim’s repetitive failure of doing that, has now become a part of his personality.

People judge him confusingly between ‘being misunderstood’ and ‘not understood’ at all.

& for some people that might possibly be the biggest tragedy ever.

But Tim, loved that, he loves the fact that there isn’t a label made for him,

That can be stuck on him & eventually be a describable tag that we all get.

This makes it difficult to know which bottle he will fit in,
his likes are so versatile, that he could easily live as a well mixed cocktail.

Time hopes that destiny & the universe will command him to take a route in his life,

for which he is ready to go anywhere, until & unless the destination in unlabelled.

He’s constantly searching for that tail which will write his final tale,

for which he is ready to sign anything & make any deal with the chief or his tail.

Tim hugely believes in Omens & good luck,

but he finds it difficult to identify them, which for him is as good as pulling the plug.

He does surely have hope in his life,

but he fails to know what he hopes for, certainly not to be cut by a knife.

Tim still feels that he is entitled to have a tail for his tale,

Which will mark his end, before it’s time to kick the pail.


Mind View

Mind View

Once in a long time you take a look into your mind,
What I’m greeted by is this virus infected dungeon which refused to shutdown

So I take a walk in my mind with intensions to explore this dungeon with a torch in my hand,
Every step taken fearfully leads me to these songs played by a band of skulls & bleeding veins

There are ample of dark creepy alleys I came across,
some were lonely and some were occupied with thugs and goons.

The chuckle of a baby reaches my ears and I immediately hurry in that direction,
only to see the sight of a baby being choked to death and sent to peaceful eternity.

The pull of gravity thickens as I’m drawn to the darker areas,
is this the evil inside me or is this evil ME?

At the other end of the horizon I see a man running towards me,
Oh, how happy my eyes were to see that sight.

Little did I know what was to follow…..

He approached me begging me to kill him & relieve him from his misery
I lift my gun to put him to rest

The amount of pain seen in his eyes seemed like the reflection of my inner state.
As I man up to pull the trigger, he speaks effort

Even with that excruciating pain,
he pleaded me to stab him with a knife and turn it all around till I relief him from his life.

Terrified with fear I move quickly but slowly,
moving forward one trembling knee at a time.

A loud cry originates in the opposite direction,
so my feet swiftly move towards the sound with intensions to escape.

A white light invites me to what seemed like the end
rushing through time I push towards the light

When I get there the light disappears & I find myself descending in a pit filled with more snakes that I can count.

That Journey


As my eyes open I see the path ahead being heated by the sun,
I want to be greeted by shadier patches of straights or curves.

Just like the summer is what the whole year is all about,
Similarly this journey is all about those few or many shady straights/curves.

Oh Lizzy, how I miss you at such time of bliss,
As I still look at the empty seat beside me.

I entered our memory lane which was full of pleasant/shady straights and curves

The more broken lines of the road I cover,
The stronger I believe that we still have a rough patch rather than hitting a dead end.

My windshield was soon slapped by the green light,
Now I see you driving ahead of me with an occupied passenger seat.

I may drive my dream but you’ve got a family,
And I’d give all this up to get that back.

I deal with my loneliness by helping people along the way,
But always end up with a flat or a break down.

The radio too has not been good to me,
As it refuses to offer food for my soul.

I compensate for the radio by reading your notes and letters,
Which I stuck on the dash board and the radio.
I might have a moment of relief and peace as I pullover to the gas station,
Time for a refill and offer some refreshments to my ride.

Be back……

When you’re gone


Life when you’re gone
will leave your footsteps incomplete far along.

Like a crushed paper my heart will flow in a river,
as your absence in my life is what I discover.

There are these things unsaid in my heart,
which now will always be as an incomplete chart.

A hero & idol you’ll be through my lifetime,
now I’m just a man torn between me & myself in this time of climb.

As the person I see myself through is gone,
the mirrors are no more helpful to act on.

In your absence time sure flies,
But time & again i do need someone to pour tears in my drying eyes.

The unforgettable time when I saw you go,
I felt the soul from my body go.