A Cup of coffee




The first cup with you, has the feeling of anxiety & anxiousness,

Which is a little strong on the tongue but light on the heart.

I have this feeling of not knowing what’s across the table,

but still peaking over the fence, trying to get a glimpse of what lies beyond those beautiful eyes.

These moments demand the right choice of words to spark that conversation,

But with someone like you across the table, all the words are the right ones.

My eyes brighten & my heart softens as you speak about yourself,

I sit there listening to you as I mentally tick these check-boxes in my head.

Within a few minutes she seems to be this girl whom I have always pictured,

who’s always on the move & moving on to new things.

Now I end up playing this guess game in my mind, trying to know what she thinks of me?

My quest to know & discover her, grows with every passing day.

As i try to initiate things, I’m summoned to let her be and give her some space,

So I stepped back, letting time work its charm,

hoping that someday that charm will work itself to me.

To this moment I wait for it,

I wait for her to ping me or call or to hear the sweet melody of her voice.

Oh! how I wait for that moment.


It’s you

cafe gratitude



The café looks like a valentine’s day celebration,
with couples who seem they could use a room.

I’m here at a table for 2 with a fresh lime water & a book,
looks like the cupid’s late to find someone to fill the empty chair across me.

Across the café I see a sheer beauty,
she looks at me but does not see me.

It’s you for whom the cupid was probably looking for;
I’d like to believe that you didn’t notice me yet.

I wouldn’t mind filling your empty cup with love and coffee,
A snack to give your coffee company though our long conversations.

As I talk I see you smiling as you listen,
that sight absolutely makes my heart skip a beat.

I think or maybe I’m sure that without you at the café,
I’d absolutely be lost in the limited menu of delicacies and beverages.

As we talk, I pray that you sip your coffee slowly
since you told me that you just had time for one coffee.

Now the last sip of coffee lingers on your lips,
How I wish we could just do this all over again.

As the clock strike’s to the time ‘we gotta leave’
We exchange smile and sad eyes.

I get ready to leave and realise that you’ve already left the table,
Hell! You were never here at this table in the first place.

As I leave the café, I watch lovers being lovers at the corner table,
I walk out of the café with my book in my hand and disappointment in my heart because of the cupid

The beach



Like the beach you are
Calm at all time & at par.

You invite all with open arms
& provide them shade under your trees of palm,

like the wind you blow me away;
with happiness you fill me until I sway.

You mentally take us away
when life leaves us no way,

In a world that crushes our hopes & dreams,
you help us look at life in a different theme.

You refresh us like the morning coffee
&help us to inculcate an everyday hobby.

The treat that you provide our eye,
help us believe that this is where happiness & euphoria lie.