A friend like you

A friend like you

A friend like you


She’s unknown as a mystery & yet as open as a book

She can spin the sour mood away from your heart,
A breathe of fresh air is what she is

With a voice that touches your heart,
She is one who always has a special place in there

Like the sun who shines on the moon,
you too are always there for me.

At times I feel like you & I can dance through all the ups and downs that life throws at us,
When I speak/talk to you everything else just goes quiet.

In life we all have chapters that are very close & dearest to us,
for me the chapter of ‘You and I’ is going to be that one.

This what we have is not worth the label of ‘goodbye
The sizable time that we’ve known each other already seems like ‘forever

For me you are that friend,
Who will always be my sunshine after the rain.


Sorrow In A Cave

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Myshelle Congeries

Nan Goldin.

The rebellion of the sorrow in a cave, temptress on walls and a blade to succumb too.

Let’s drill deep, further seep, into the shell. So safe so dark so at home why won’t the edges blur? Why won’t the world melt?

Scratches along the walls, the wolf behind this cage. How shallow seems the sand and how horridly the edges peel away.

You can’t hear him howling, nor can you feel his pain. You can only stare at the ferocious creature. So tamed by his own rage.

Writhing in my own monstrosity, I envelope in the arms of heartache, Fuming I curl helpless, bleeding on my own page.

The wolf peering at me through the mirror. Is it me I should be afraid of? Or is it the human face that hides the monster?

Stalk slow, Die slow. A tyrant stirs, Resilient every feeling so crippled. It’s my wake…

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Mind View

Mind View

Once in a long time you take a look into your mind,
What I’m greeted by is this virus infected dungeon which refused to shutdown

So I take a walk in my mind with intensions to explore this dungeon with a torch in my hand,
Every step taken fearfully leads me to these songs played by a band of skulls & bleeding veins

There are ample of dark creepy alleys I came across,
some were lonely and some were occupied with thugs and goons.

The chuckle of a baby reaches my ears and I immediately hurry in that direction,
only to see the sight of a baby being choked to death and sent to peaceful eternity.

The pull of gravity thickens as I’m drawn to the darker areas,
is this the evil inside me or is this evil ME?

At the other end of the horizon I see a man running towards me,
Oh, how happy my eyes were to see that sight.

Little did I know what was to follow…..

He approached me begging me to kill him & relieve him from his misery
I lift my gun to put him to rest

The amount of pain seen in his eyes seemed like the reflection of my inner state.
As I man up to pull the trigger, he speaks effort

Even with that excruciating pain,
he pleaded me to stab him with a knife and turn it all around till I relief him from his life.

Terrified with fear I move quickly but slowly,
moving forward one trembling knee at a time.

A loud cry originates in the opposite direction,
so my feet swiftly move towards the sound with intensions to escape.

A white light invites me to what seemed like the end
rushing through time I push towards the light

When I get there the light disappears & I find myself descending in a pit filled with more snakes that I can count.

That Journey


As my eyes open I see the path ahead being heated by the sun,
I want to be greeted by shadier patches of straights or curves.

Just like the summer is what the whole year is all about,
Similarly this journey is all about those few or many shady straights/curves.

Oh Lizzy, how I miss you at such time of bliss,
As I still look at the empty seat beside me.

I entered our memory lane which was full of pleasant/shady straights and curves

The more broken lines of the road I cover,
The stronger I believe that we still have a rough patch rather than hitting a dead end.

My windshield was soon slapped by the green light,
Now I see you driving ahead of me with an occupied passenger seat.

I may drive my dream but you’ve got a family,
And I’d give all this up to get that back.

I deal with my loneliness by helping people along the way,
But always end up with a flat or a break down.

The radio too has not been good to me,
As it refuses to offer food for my soul.

I compensate for the radio by reading your notes and letters,
Which I stuck on the dash board and the radio.
I might have a moment of relief and peace as I pullover to the gas station,
Time for a refill and offer some refreshments to my ride.

Be back……

The Turn around




I’ve wandered sailing the sea with the winds I never knew,
which took me to places I only dreamt about.

When I found myself surrounded with other versions of me that I stayed away from,
a similar situation to not having an option of choosing the other person for the prom.

Now I dream of the simple person I used to be,
with nothing but just a couple of rolling stones in my hand.

I feel hungry when I see the fish in the sea waiting for my selection,
I’d dive right in to satisfy my hunger but I can’t because of my infections.

Time and again I wonder why I don’t miss anything anymore,
maybe I have not had enough of my current situation.

And of course I’d love to be loved but, I can’t handle rejection.
I hide behind this character as a former protection.

I take some time out to check the compass for directions,
but I always seem to look at it with the wrong perception.

They say you only miss the light when its dark,
why then don’t I feel the feeling of missing anymore.

I think it’s got something to do with the time and the place I am in,
feel like I need to turn around post the next milestone.

As winter arrives the road I am on is covered with fog,
my hands too begin to disappear with just this pen that’s scribbling on paper.

Parts of my mind go missing in order to fit the puzzle which is the bigger picture,
it’s time for me to return from this road to the greener pastures.

I leave everyone with the memory of how we started out,
all full of hopes and we never failed without

This had to be said out loud as I feared I’d choke,
if I wouldn’t spit it out.

Change is good and is inevitable,
it just gets out different versions of yourself.


Now I am off the grid as I set out to find the best version of my better self



It was you who spoke to my heart,
your memories will always be on the canvas within, just like a perfect art.

It’s not the beauty of your eyes or body, that makes me week in my knees,
But it’s the simplicity of that beauty that brings me down to my knees.

You’d take care of me like a little puppy, when I’m sick,
now I’m done with recovery and wait to fall sick real quick.

I should be lucky to have had my time with you,
those memories in my mind are beautiful like a flower covered with dew.

I seem to find excuses in the form of news to share,
because no matter how petty they are, when I tell you I see in your eyes that you care.

A moment of thought is the best way to spend time
even the thoughts about you in my head are in a rhyme.

To yourself, you are one in a million,
but to me you’ll always be ‘The one in millions’

There are times when you are the oxygen my mind needs to calm down,
through all those times you make sure that my face is free from a frown.

Sometimes, it’s hard and it’ll get hard to breathe but just hold tight,
for when open your eyes I’ll make sure that the sun is shining bright.

When I opened my eyes I realised that,
those words are now dull, memories are faint and my thoughts are gradually getting flat.

May be in reality the chemicals were improperly mixed,
and the situation now is way out of line to be fixed.

But I will always have hope for things to turn out as written,
because there is a crack in everything and that’s how the light gets in.

It’s you

cafe gratitude



The café looks like a valentine’s day celebration,
with couples who seem they could use a room.

I’m here at a table for 2 with a fresh lime water & a book,
looks like the cupid’s late to find someone to fill the empty chair across me.

Across the café I see a sheer beauty,
she looks at me but does not see me.

It’s you for whom the cupid was probably looking for;
I’d like to believe that you didn’t notice me yet.

I wouldn’t mind filling your empty cup with love and coffee,
A snack to give your coffee company though our long conversations.

As I talk I see you smiling as you listen,
that sight absolutely makes my heart skip a beat.

I think or maybe I’m sure that without you at the café,
I’d absolutely be lost in the limited menu of delicacies and beverages.

As we talk, I pray that you sip your coffee slowly
since you told me that you just had time for one coffee.

Now the last sip of coffee lingers on your lips,
How I wish we could just do this all over again.

As the clock strike’s to the time ‘we gotta leave’
We exchange smile and sad eyes.

I get ready to leave and realise that you’ve already left the table,
Hell! You were never here at this table in the first place.

As I leave the café, I watch lovers being lovers at the corner table,
I walk out of the café with my book in my hand and disappointment in my heart because of the cupid