Heart over mind

violent love

He stood there beside her,
looking into her eyes and smiling at her.

She looked into his eyes while he carves his name on her skin,
She looked at the blood flow while he smiles at her.

Not a single expression on her face but a blank look at his name being carved,
He seemed to make her his, by one way or the other.

She looked at each letter of his name being carved on her skin,
She saw the marks and the blood but yet had no feelings to show.

Her eyes were with him and with every word he craved on her skin,
but her mind was with the man who took her heart away long before she realized that it was missing.


The Ordinary Life

You must be completely insane,
Or maybe I’m so deep in feelings for you.

Its hard to find someone, who says so much with her silence,
So much that it’s a beautiful affair that I love having.

With you I don’t have to be someone else,
In fact when we talk you seek the real me from within.

Our talks, man I miss them so much,
So much that it is just painful.

But I ease that sting with thoughts about you,
& its certain that I’m way past the stage of being confused about us.

We are just two ordinary idiots & maybe this time we’ll take it slow,
But we already know that, what we have is just down right beautiful.

This time around for once I won’t screw things up,
But with you around, I don’t think that’ll ever happen.

I don’t know how we understand us so much,
We have protected us & travelled through time in this magical mysterious ride of ‘close friends’

Yes!! I said it,

you’re my close friend
You’re my muse
You’re that part of a painting that completes the wall its hung on.

And just for that…..

I love us 😊

Sorrow In A Cave

This is good stuff…. would love to colab with mitchellez on something

Myshelle Congeries

Nan Goldin.

The rebellion of the sorrow in a cave, temptress on walls and a blade to succumb too.

Let’s drill deep, further seep, into the shell. So safe so dark so at home why won’t the edges blur? Why won’t the world melt?

Scratches along the walls, the wolf behind this cage. How shallow seems the sand and how horridly the edges peel away.

You can’t hear him howling, nor can you feel his pain. You can only stare at the ferocious creature. So tamed by his own rage.

Writhing in my own monstrosity, I envelope in the arms of heartache, Fuming I curl helpless, bleeding on my own page.

The wolf peering at me through the mirror. Is it me I should be afraid of? Or is it the human face that hides the monster?

Stalk slow, Die slow. A tyrant stirs, Resilient every feeling so crippled. It’s my wake…

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