That Journey


As my eyes open I see the path ahead being heated by the sun,
I want to be greeted by shadier patches of straights or curves.

Just like the summer is what the whole year is all about,
Similarly this journey is all about those few or many shady straights/curves.

Oh Lizzy, how I miss you at such time of bliss,
As I still look at the empty seat beside me.

I entered our memory lane which was full of pleasant/shady straights and curves

The more broken lines of the road I cover,
The stronger I believe that we still have a rough patch rather than hitting a dead end.

My windshield was soon slapped by the green light,
Now I see you driving ahead of me with an occupied passenger seat.

I may drive my dream but you’ve got a family,
And I’d give all this up to get that back.

I deal with my loneliness by helping people along the way,
But always end up with a flat or a break down.

The radio too has not been good to me,
As it refuses to offer food for my soul.

I compensate for the radio by reading your notes and letters,
Which I stuck on the dash board and the radio.
I might have a moment of relief and peace as I pullover to the gas station,
Time for a refill and offer some refreshments to my ride.

Be back……