The Turn around




I’ve wandered sailing the sea with the winds I never knew,
which took me to places I only dreamt about.

When I found myself surrounded with other versions of me that I stayed away from,
a similar situation to not having an option of choosing the other person for the prom.

Now I dream of the simple person I used to be,
with nothing but just a couple of rolling stones in my hand.

I feel hungry when I see the fish in the sea waiting for my selection,
I’d dive right in to satisfy my hunger but I can’t because of my infections.

Time and again I wonder why I don’t miss anything anymore,
maybe I have not had enough of my current situation.

And of course I’d love to be loved but, I can’t handle rejection.
I hide behind this character as a former protection.

I take some time out to check the compass for directions,
but I always seem to look at it with the wrong perception.

They say you only miss the light when its dark,
why then don’t I feel the feeling of missing anymore.

I think it’s got something to do with the time and the place I am in,
feel like I need to turn around post the next milestone.

As winter arrives the road I am on is covered with fog,
my hands too begin to disappear with just this pen that’s scribbling on paper.

Parts of my mind go missing in order to fit the puzzle which is the bigger picture,
it’s time for me to return from this road to the greener pastures.

I leave everyone with the memory of how we started out,
all full of hopes and we never failed without

This had to be said out loud as I feared I’d choke,
if I wouldn’t spit it out.

Change is good and is inevitable,
it just gets out different versions of yourself.


Now I am off the grid as I set out to find the best version of my better self

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