It was you who spoke to my heart,
your memories will always be on the canvas within, just like a perfect art.

It’s not the beauty of your eyes or body, that makes me week in my knees,
But it’s the simplicity of that beauty that brings me down to my knees.

You’d take care of me like a little puppy, when I’m sick,
now I’m done with recovery and wait to fall sick real quick.

I should be lucky to have had my time with you,
those memories in my mind are beautiful like a flower covered with dew.

I seem to find excuses in the form of news to share,
because no matter how petty they are, when I tell you I see in your eyes that you care.

A moment of thought is the best way to spend time
even the thoughts about you in my head are in a rhyme.

To yourself, you are one in a million,
but to me you’ll always be ‘The one in millions’

There are times when you are the oxygen my mind needs to calm down,
through all those times you make sure that my face is free from a frown.

Sometimes, it’s hard and it’ll get hard to breathe but just hold tight,
for when open your eyes I’ll make sure that the sun is shining bright.

When I opened my eyes I realised that,
those words are now dull, memories are faint and my thoughts are gradually getting flat.

May be in reality the chemicals were improperly mixed,
and the situation now is way out of line to be fixed.

But I will always have hope for things to turn out as written,
because there is a crack in everything and that’s how the light gets in.

It’s you

cafe gratitude



The café looks like a valentine’s day celebration,
with couples who seem they could use a room.

I’m here at a table for 2 with a fresh lime water & a book,
looks like the cupid’s late to find someone to fill the empty chair across me.

Across the café I see a sheer beauty,
she looks at me but does not see me.

It’s you for whom the cupid was probably looking for;
I’d like to believe that you didn’t notice me yet.

I wouldn’t mind filling your empty cup with love and coffee,
A snack to give your coffee company though our long conversations.

As I talk I see you smiling as you listen,
that sight absolutely makes my heart skip a beat.

I think or maybe I’m sure that without you at the café,
I’d absolutely be lost in the limited menu of delicacies and beverages.

As we talk, I pray that you sip your coffee slowly
since you told me that you just had time for one coffee.

Now the last sip of coffee lingers on your lips,
How I wish we could just do this all over again.

As the clock strike’s to the time ‘we gotta leave’
We exchange smile and sad eyes.

I get ready to leave and realise that you’ve already left the table,
Hell! You were never here at this table in the first place.

As I leave the café, I watch lovers being lovers at the corner table,
I walk out of the café with my book in my hand and disappointment in my heart because of the cupid

Pointlessly sensible

Pointlessly sensible

A ‘silent road’ is not the one that is less taken;
it’s the one which is lit with darkness.

At the end of the road I found the flowers she sent,
which were filled with the tears that rolled down from her eyes,

I wish I knew the protocol one should take on receiving such flowers,
Call it ‘low’ or ‘heartless’ but there are some things I don’t understand.

Maybe I hit my head on the radio repeatedly in the 90’s,
in a time when spoken words mean everything to a time when we crack the smileys in a chat/sms.

On the road the lampposts shed light when I see them from a distance & turn off when I approach them,
this just proves a challenge for me to get through this dark road all alone.

My learning and good people I meet, transform into the needed light for my journey.

If this was a story I wrote, it’d have a dark ending as they are easier to live with,
Bright and happy endings just raise the bar for that happy place in your heart.

My ride is powered by knowledge as my fuel
and the friends/people I meet forming a part of the engine.

This one goes as a shout out to all those close to me and whom I love dearly,
You all are nothing less than a blessing to me for just being there when needed.

A friend

Everyone needs a friend

Everyone needs a friend

A friend is someone who others appreciate
someone who can be proven lucky to the other

Someone who can be the shining light that your friend would need
and who would be present at the time of need

When someone close is shot down by an uncertain incident
be a friend who will gather the feathers, put it together and make sure your friend flies again

A friend is he who makes his journey with his peers a memorable one
Someone who follows the joy of others and makes it his.

A friend is like a silent song who doesn’t belong to anyone
but instead opens all the curtains in your mind

Make someone lucky to have a friend like you
and be pleasant across all seasons

And just like every season has its own charm, so does a friend
Be a friend who can undress someone from his/her sweater of worry